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What a pleasant surprise. As an owner of a Mercedes 320ML diesel it is such a pleasure driving in city traffic as well as open road and even on  4 x 4 off-road. The ML is so economical on diesel consumption but full of power and torque when needed after Sarel of Torque Tuning installed software which is very economical under 2,200 rpm in city traffic.  Should I however need power and torque then it all kicks in after 2,200 rpm. Lots of power and torque yet very economical with an average of 9Lt per 100km. Sarel from Randburg.




I bought a limited edition Audi A4 DTM and initially I was very impressed with the standard software producing 162kw.
As time lapsed I started wanting more from my car, asking around at work and social circles I heard about the supurb performance and reliable remapping of using Torque Tuning.
I contacted Sarel to first enquire what all this entails, and the appointment was made for stage 1 with factory hardware.
After remapping my vehicle felt more efficient and I felt a sure difference in power.
Throttle response and fuel consumption was way better than expected.
Sarel went the extra mile by custom making durable engine mountings for my vehicle. Thank you TorqueTuning for a pleasant experience; definitely a recommendation!
Future upgrades include K04 turbo, HPFP and accommodating hardware for Stage 3. Indeed to be done by Torque Tuning.




Thanks to Sarel @ Torque Tuning for the Tune on my Beemer with upgraded cooler and Exhaust, Feels like the car has life again power throughout the rev range. A huge difference as well as a good reliable tune from Torque Tuning.




I would recommend all audi driver's to Torque Tuning SA, really impressed with its performence, thanks Sarel






Dwayne Randell  se review (Golf 6 GTI)


Baie dankie mnr vir die vinnnige diens wat jy gelewer het en dat jy my kar uitgesorteer het Sy ry nou baie smooth en geen meer ruk en pluk op parshal throttle nie ek is baie impressed met die krag wat ek maak sy los merke op die teer tot in derde met jou mapping en ek het van krugerdorp tot in centurion op n gemidelde spoed van so 160 nogsteeds 11.4 km per liter gekry wat baie beter is sy voel solid en ek weet sommer my kar gaan nie breek nie ek kan nie wag vir die volgende upgrade wat jy gaan doen nie, Sarel jy is n great mens en ons gaan nog n paar manne seer maak op die pad.


Steve Randell (Saab)


Ja nee Sarel jy sal nie verstaan nie ek was al soooo moedeloos het nie meer geweet wat om te doen nie nie geweet na wie om te gaan vir hulp nie. Nou ja toe kom jy tot my redding. Die SAAB loop een bars hou van uit die lyn uit tot bo. Ek kan almal aanraai wat files op hulle voertuie deer Tune 2 race laat doen het bel vir Sarel van Torque Tuning dit is twee ander w靡elde die karre start beter loop mooier baie smoorverlief baie meer en beter throttle response baie ligter op petrol en dank die HERE my kar was nog nooit weer in Limp mode nie. Die Golf 6 trek harder is smoother en loop een KAN hou.....thanx Sarel jy het ons gered van groot skade.





When I got my Gti mkv I was very happy with the performance. Then a guy at work told me to do his friends software I was scared at first because I did software on my AUDI 1.8t 8l and the car was not fun to drive. After about a moth talking to Sarel he said he will do the map for me and if I was not happy he would take it off. So I want and had the map done stage 1. After we did the map we took the car for a drive and man was I happy if it was not for my ears my smile would have went right around my face. I could not belief the power from just software. I was very happy. After couple of moths we started to mod the car more with hardware and we did stage 2 file. After that I made 203 wkw with a ko3 turbo and was very happy. I was racing ko4 Gti and was beating them left right and they could not belief my car was ko3 I had to stop and show them. My car is now stage 3 and still going strong after 130000km of doing the software and I'm still loving my car every day I drive it best software for money
Thanks for all the happy smiles and fun Sarel

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Just a small update on the S4. I decided to reload the engine map on the car since I could no longer live with the massive fuel consumption. Got Td04h involved and after some exploring we managed to download and update the map, without the need to de-solder the E-prom from the ECU. This is something the previous tuners could not do!

The map was then sent to Torque tune as a base, but promptly replaced with a brand new map written from scratch. However they forgot to adjust it for the Hitachi MAF I知 running instead of the original Bosch. So at the moment I知 running with the MAF unplugged, but initial impressions are good. Fuel consumption has gone down drastically and thrust is on par if not better than the previous map. We値l load the updated map for the MAF on the weekend and I知 very excited to see how it goes then.

Will do a dyno run to compare, but thanks to Td04h and Torque tune for sorting the car out thus far

Yea, I have not been working as much as I could on the S4 lately. The map is done and it is going well, need to pull some logs to maybe fine tune it a bit. The weak rand is however holding me back the most Wanted to order intercoolers when it dropped below R9 to the dollar, but then I had issues with JHM痴 site and could not log in. They could not assist either. Now the rand is freefalling rapidly again, so I値l have to hang on a bit more.

Interested to see what it makes on the dyno on Saturday. Hopefully a bit more than the 160wkw it did last time

But I am loving this car as it is at the moment. I know what I知 going to say is sacrilege, but I enjoy driving it more than the RS3

Ran the car at ALB yesterday and I知 very happy. The new Torque Tuning map showed significant improvement over the previous company痴 attempt. Gains were 10kw and 53nm at the wheels.

I think I知 at the max these K03 turbos will give, time for some upgrades
Thanks to TD04h and Blent for spending the time to get a better map done for the car.







Hi there guys

I got Torque Tuning Software installed on my Audi A4 (B7) 2.0t FSI DTM Edition.
And all I can really say is "WOW" 1st My power on my car has really improved and 2nd My fuel consumption has dropped as well.. Ok truthfully to say I had a other Company's Software on my car and I can say Torque Tuning is by far the best Software for your car. When I got Torque Tuning installed I was scared on what its gonna do and How the software was gonna be installed, Example " When I got the other Software installed they just done a COPY&PASTE process which I was really scared if they will brake my car." Torque Tuning was not like that, they read my car and done a Custom Tune for my car. I was happy to see that and knowing what I wanted the best from my car. I would Highly recommend Torque Tuning to any person who wants A Perfect Software for there car.






Sarel did my software as well... Bloody marvelous! Insane power gains with zero reliability issues!

The sw is a direct upload... We couldnt flash my car for some bizarre reason through the port, so Sarel benched the ecu and flashed it. First file he wasnt happy with so he then uploaded a second file that pulled way better. Went down to the coast and had traction control engaging from 1st through 3rd!

He is an upstanding, honest and all-round great guy and can highly recommend him!







Following the advice on this forum I contacted Sarel at Torque Tuning to help resolve an idle problem with my 2007 A4 B7 2.0TFSi.

Not only was Sarel able to resolve the problem (simple PVC replacement, and no throttle body replacement as the dealer suggested), but he convinced me to upgrade the software with a custom map.

Not knowing much about tuning nor custom maps, all I can say is that I am thrilled with the results - definate power improvement but also improved consumption (when I am not powering away). It is difficult to estimate power improvement, but my 147kW feels like 160kW, I think! My consumption to and from work has gone from 7.8l/100km to 6.7l/100km (mostly open highway).

I opted to post this topic not only to say how pleased I am with the product, but also to give Sarel his dues - he really tries to ensure he pleases his customer, and he is a very honest person, passionate about cars. I can highly recommend him for general service/repair, but also for 'tuning'.







Hi Sarel, Blent.

Attached is a picture of my 2000 audi a4 b5 1.8t FWD, if you want more pics let me know.

Mods: kkk KO4-23 modified to fit.
samco sport intake hose
63mm S/S freeflow with 3 boxes
63mm DP Catless
forge dv

At last i got round to Sarel for the software tuning!!!!
i am actually disgusted with myself that i didnt do it earlier!!!

unfortunately i now have to replace my (3 month old) oem spec Sachs clutch as it starts slipping in third!! haha Damit :) !!!

also i havent been able to check the fuel consumption yet as im still enjoying the huge amount of extra power!!! (that is until my clutch resigns!!!)

i am extremely happy with the results and service provided!!!!
thank you very much!!! i really appreciate it!!!!

Enjoy your day!!

Adriaan Louw